Advent 1. 2017

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Nurturing Hope
I remember scrubbing so hard at the paper with my eraser that I would tear a hole. Smudged, dirty, ripped.
And, then crumpled. A new paper needed.
The old discarded.
Marred by my own heavy handedness and insistence upon perfection.
I’d messed up. I’d done it wrong.
And, in my frustration. Tears and tears.
My own mini-apocalypse as I looked down upon my creation and deemed it imperfect.
Strike through. Delete that.
It’s not right.
It’s not good.
It is broken and discarded.
Cast away from my hands and hidden in the darkness.
And, leaving me there. Disappointed and frustrated. And, afraid. Afraid to try again.
Afraid that I would make a mistake and be seen as imperfect.
As broken.
As useless.
Afraid, that I too would be thrown away, cast away as a failure.
Do you understand apocalypse? Do you understand fear? Do you understand the anxiety as we stand in the midst of brokenness and destruction?
From “m…

28A, A Reprise (with updates)

The scripture appointed for today can be found here

Least Harm
There are occasions upon which I find myself praying about how to preach on the texts appointed. Then there are occasions in which I find myself praying that the texts appointed don't harm those who hear them proclaimed.
Today, I found myself praying the latter. As we hear a parable in which our allegorical interpretation seems to run counter to what we know and understand of a God of mercy and abundance.In fact, if we take this parable allegorically, it runs counter to what Jesus himself has shared with us in the Gospel of Matthew about the nature of God and our calling to serve.
So, today I offer, from the Gospel of Matthew some reminders...
From chapter 5 of the Gospel of Matthew, “Blessed are the poor, those who mourn, those who are meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peacemakers, the persecuted, and the reviled”
Then there is this, from chapter 9, “Go and learn wh…